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We only buy “off market” real estate - using our selling agent networks and private seller contacts, we do not buy at Auction.

We pride ourselves on getting you a genuine bargain.

Our full service fees start from $7,700 includes GST.

We usually save our clients at least $25,000 off the real market value.

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Whether you use a buyer advocate or not? You should use a mortgage broker of buyer advocate quality.

One of the most critical steps in the property purchase journey is finding the right loan and mortgage broker.

Lets have a chat about your circumstances and identify which locations and what type of property you should consider buying. Plus we want to make sure you're getting the right mortgage advice and pre-approval, should you consider becoming a client down the track.

Please Call Jason Wier author of the "The Lucky Landlord" and founder of Real Estate Angel on 0414 288 038 and get some free advice on how to best prepare for your real estate purchase.

Plus we'll put you in touch with the Mortgage Broker that our full service clients use.

Meaning of the Off Market Purchase:
“Off Market” meaning the houses we purchase will not be found in the usual forms of real estate media. You will not find an Off Market opprotunity with:

Property web sites
Agent Window displays
For sale board signage

An off market purchase is usually a result of the vendor’s desire to cut selling costs, and make a quick - more immediate sale. Privacy and debt issues can also be a factor. Some private sale vendors simply want a no fuss sale without being greedy.

A selling agent may be prepared to negotiate an off market sale in cases where they are instructed so by the vendor or they feel, that in the circumstances a quick deal and commission can be made by contacting their preferred buyer advocate networks or king pin investors.

Off market real estate sales are often referred to as "Silent Listings" and "Insider Deals".

The Melbourne real estate market generally experiences a noticable increase in off market sales activity in periods leading up to major holiday seasons - Christmas and Easter and also around the end of the financial year.

Off Market real estate opportunities can also come about from private sellers contacting us (and other buyer advocates) directly.

Whether it is a private owner or a typical local agent that presents an off market opportunity, you can be sure that they are sold quickly when they are a genuine good deal. Sold mostly to buyer advocates who know when a good deal is truly a good deal.

If you have a place you would like to sell off market and save on advertising and agent fees please email us the details by clicking here. Please note seller's do not become clients it is simply an opportunity to privately present your property for a review of suitability to our buyer clients.

We are paid exclusively by the buyer – the buyer is our only client in the transaction. We are in it to get the best deal for the client - the purchaser.

We do not deal with medium or high density developers, we do not buy off the plan and we do not buy in the CBD, Southbank or Dockland locations.

We target locations and property types with a history of successful capital growth that exceeds the Melbourne average.

The house, unit or apartment depending on your budget and purchase parameters must meet strict quality control criterion – location, construction type, architectural aesthetics, streetscape, public transport and amenities are just a few.

We are seeking to purchase genuine good value and great quality real estate without the influences of buying with competition. Given that the “off market” segment of the real estate industry is small we find we are best suited to investment buyers who don’t have personal or emotional needs attached to the purchase and instead they just want us to focus on getting them the best deal.

As we tend to mostly work with landlords and rely heavily on repeat business so we're very fussy about finding real estate qualities that also attract strong "long term" demand from “great quality” tenants, producing a hassle free investment.

Sometimes we will buy real estate that requires a cosmetic make over or minor renovations, we can help you with this or manage completely.

If you would like to discuss your purchase parameters (budget, time frames, preferred locations etc) please email your contact details here and we will be in touch within 1 business day, please include your mobile phone number.

For more immediate assistance call Jason Wier on 0414 288 038.

Member of Real Estate Institute of Victoria
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